If you are experiencing issues resetting your password, we are here to help! By following these easy steps, we hope to make your experience much easier.

  1. Go to CoveredCA.com and you will see the Login or Create an Account page.
  2. On the Login or Create an Account page, click on the Forgot password? link.
  3. Enter your Username AND Month and Day of Birth when prompted.
  4. After entering your Username and Month/Day of Birth, you will be prompted to select a method to verify identity on the Verification Method page: The Verification Method page displays if you have previously registered for the One Time Passcode verification method along with the standard option of answering security questions:
      • If you registered for the email verification method, the email button option displays
      • If you registered for the text verification method, the cell phone/text button option displays
      • If you registered for both email and cell phone/text, then both options display.
      • The Answer Question page displays if you previously opted-out of registering for the One Time Passcode verification method.
  5. Select one of the verification methods by clicking one of the buttons displayed.
  6. Click the Continue button.
  7. Depending on the option selected, proceed through the security questions or retrieve the passcode from the text message or email sent.
      • If retrieving a passcode, enter the passcode in the One Time Passcode field and click the Validate button.
      • If proceeding through the Answer Question page, enter the correct answer and click Continue.
  8. Once the passcode is validated in the Validate One Time Passcode screen, or the security question is answered correctly, you will be sent to the Reset Your Password page. Think of a new secret password and enter it in the New Password field.
      •  NOTE: In order to create a password, please randomly combine letters, numbers, and special characters so they are not near each other. Example: f8J#h3R!Y.
  9. Click on the Confirm New Password field and retype the new password.
      • DON’T FORGET to save your password somewhere safe.
  10. Click the Continue button. The Answer Question page will display.
  11. Enter the answer to your security question in the Response field and click on the Continue button. Your account homepage will display.

Remember: If you need assistance, please call our Service Center Mon-Fri between 8am-6pm or you can direct message us on Facebook and Twitter.     

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